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Here you can buy art for sale from a variety of styles, all original one of a kind paintings that can add a touch of originality to your wall decor and could be a good art investment for everyone. An online art gallery specialized in selling original paintings signed by a well known artist worldwide, including USA and Europe. Buy paintings for sale signed by international artist directly from the comfort of your own home or office. All you have to do is jost to choose between these wonderfull paintings and let us know which one is.

In the Europe, an increasing amount of original paintings are now decorating more office spaces and homes in an effort to elevate the overall atmosphere of a room. In the past, art enthusiasts were acknowledged as the primary buyers of classic and well-known paintings, as a great amount of esteem and pride was attached to owning an original. Today, businesses, office managers, and company executives are willing to invest in the growing advantages associated with displaying high-quality artwork on their walls.

Not only does the look and feel of an original painting in an office express a certain level of professionalism, but also assists in creating a satisfying work environment and relationship with employees. Today, more and more companies recognize that productivity and respect go hand-and-hand, as employees respond to small gestures implemented throughout their place of employment.

A work environment that embraces handmade paintings promotes a rousing atmosphere, which encourages creativity and motivates workers with a soothing approach that effectively speaks to their senses. The calming nature of just the right painting can provide an inspiring daily reminder that pushes a weary worker through projects, assignments, and the everyday grind of a workweek.

Motivation is the key in many work settings, as choosing just the right color arrangement can spark creativity and enhanced patterns of thought. Colors also reflect mood and temperament, as certain oil paintings deliver a soothing effect throughout a stressful budget meeting, or uplift the spirits after an unsuccessful business meeting. While statues and other pieces of art have been used within the decorating scheme of an office, wall decor is one of the most penetrating approaches to consider, as some paintings literally speak with their use of color or subject matter.

When considering the advantages of original paintings for the office decor, it is a known fact that office art increases the overall morale of a business unit, improves productivity, and promotes gratifying collaboration. As you approach a purchase for your office decor or business, there are many different factors to consider. While the return on investment is a move that unquestionably boosts the overall level of employee productivity, budget limitations may come into play.

Original paintings have the power to enhance the space of any home decor, as living rooms, dining rooms, dens, game rooms, and master bedrooms come to life with wall art. When buying original art, this type of purchase allows the character and personality of residents to grab hold of houseguests, who sometimes view a work of art as an extension of ones individuality. Original wall art makes a great conversation piece and is a joy that lasts a lifetime – not to mention the aspect of possessing an investment that continues to grow with age and attachment.

While some oil paintings are used to display wealth and status, others are chosen to breathe life into a dull home decor, such as drab white walled spaces with shrinking furniture. Selecting just the right painting allows the atmosphere to blossom, especially when the prominent colors are able to tie the room together in one neat, inviting package.

Original paintings also send out a message, especially when it comes to the kind of artist that complements your style and intentions. The bold and fun pieces of Dali, the traditional landscapes of Kinkade, and the soft conservative strokes of Monet are just some of the approaches one may consider.

Original paintings are a true commitment and depending on how much wall decor you require, your final selections may reflect limitations, such as allocated funds. Before seeking the perfect piece(s), you must measure intended wall spaces to determine proper sizing and distribution of art. Varying levels of quality must also match homeowner, employee and customer expectations. The dimensions of a painting are very important, as you are able to also control a room with the size of your wall art. For example, an oil painting measuring 40 inches wide or more is highly visible, immediately drawing the eye.

A common technique in homes and offices is to purchase smaller paintings that are combined across a wall to "tell a story" or add depth to an arrangement. Often times, a large piece is paired with two or three corresponding paintings that are smaller in size, which often reflect the same subject, artist, or color scheme. To make sure a painting fits into your home decor, color plays a significant role. It is suggested to keep in mind existing office shades to avoid purchasing a painting that drastically contrasts surrounding interior design. The object is to create a smooth flow within a room. Vibrant textures and inviting colors can really make the atmosphere of a room pop with style, emotion, and feeling.

The message one wishes to reflect in their home or office setting comes through in their selection of original paintings that could promote a variety of traditional, conventional, modern, and contemporary viewpoints. While one business displays tradition through a thought-provoking landscape, another may express their boldness with a surreal selection. Themed decor is also powerful, as oil paintings with an international flair allow homeowners to proudly display their culture and background. The same can be said for office art positioned in waiting or conference rooms, which caters to the majority of business clientele.

Overall, choosing an original painting creates a long-term relationship, as the value of such an investment is one that surpasses the inexpensive alterative of a reproduction. The textured stokes and true blends of color sometimes move beyond their canvas and frame to penetrate the senses in a manner reproductions fail to achieve. Original paintings are special and unique, as they are one-of-a-kind glimpses into the past.

To portray subjects close to the heart, original oil paintings set in a bedroom may speak to childhood memories or represent an attribute of the buyer. Abstract paintings work well in decorating a children's room, which helps to encourage imagination and creativity. Living rooms with landscape oil paintings tend to feel wider, where a dining room with a colorful still life of fruit and flowers actually whets the appetite.

The color of an original painting also sparks emotion, as some interior designers approach recommendations using color therapy as a guide. Chromotherapy uses color and light to create a balance in energy – affecting physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of a viewer. This is seen in red-dominant paintings, which encourages courage and loyalty, and is also seen as the color of life.

The color orange tends to make viewers feel warm and cheerful, while shades of blue possess a calming effect. Additionally, the use of yellow combats depression; green inspires concentration; indigo speaks to intuition; and violet promotes meditation.

With the help of an art specialist or interior designer, one may gain influential knowledge on the best way to approach the enhancement of a room atmosphere. An original painting may infuse calm about a room or encourage harmony and peace of mind. Overall, the right choice in painting for the right wall generates a wealth of possibilities connected to the desired results of both an office and home decor.

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